Telephone Consultations

Coronavirus special arrangements

During the Coronavirus Outbreak restrictions will be in place. You may be self-isolating or I may be self-isolating. Alternatively, private clinics may close or have restricted opening hours.

In this scenario the major insurance companies will still cover costs of private care.

If insured, you should seek authorisation for a “New Consultation” or “Follow-up consultation”. You should confirm with your insurer that whilst restrictions are in place, the consultation will take place remotely (telephone or video-consultation).

The maximum cost will be the same as a clinic consultation (face to face) as shown inĀ Fees and charges. However, depending on the complexity of the consultation , charges may be less than this. For insured patients, fees will be billed directly to your insurer.

The consulting time and administration involved is the same as for a clinic consultation. I will write a report as normal to you and your GP (and other clinicians as required) following the consultation.

New Patients Only:

Please download and complete theĀ Registration form below. This must be emailed to me prior to our phone consultation (Skype or Zoom consultations can also be arranged) together with a copy of a referral letter from your GP if you have this (scan as pdf or attach as photo).

Phone consultations for new patients will only be arranged once a registration form is received