Making Appointments

Arrange a private appointment with Dr Jonathan Katz

Dr Katz recommends that you visit your GP first to discuss your condition and obtain a referral letter, which you can bring with you to your first appointment. This letter will usually contain the relevant previous medical history and a list of any medication you take, which aids assessment. A referral letter is helpful, although not essential but your insurance company may require your GP to make a referral. If you do not bring a referral from your GP, please bring with you copies of previous correspondence and test results relating to your condition.

Arrange an appointment with Dr Katz by phoning the booking line for the clinic location of your choice :

1. Spire Bushey Diagnostic Centre

Address: 290 Centennial Park, Centennial Avenue, Elstree WD6 3SU
To book an appointment, Tel: 0208-901-5555 

Private consultations: Thursdays 3pm – 5pm

For Directions/Further Information Follow the Google Maps link below:,-0.

2. BMI Cavell Hospital, Enfield

Address: Cavell Drive, Uplands Park Road, Enfield EN2 7PR

To Book an appointment, Tel: 0808 1010 365
Private consultations: Wednesday 4pm – 6pm

For Directions/Further Information Follow the Google Maps link below:,-0.10532